Friday, September 14, 2007

Ever had a day where you woke up and thought wow I have nothing I HAVE to do....
Well today was suppose to be one of those days.. lol
I woke up, messed around doing little odds in end in my lovely home.
Was playing around on my laptop and low and behold.... the phone rings.
!!!CRISIS ALERT!!! Work needed me and needed me NOW! ( It is nice to be needed... sometimes...)
I was upset and annoyed at first because IT was MY day OFF! lol...
Then I got in gear and got out the door. And I only had to work for a few mins!
Well at least my day off made me some nice extra cash. ( Crisis does mean money... compensation is nice... :-D ) Which will be nice in this weeks paycheck. And this is were I am suppose to be....

Now back out the door to some more fun stuff!
Off to some thrift stores ( YES I find thrift stores FUN! because I turn it into money!), maybe a garage sale or two, a coffee stop maybe to make up for my bad day... lol


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