Monday, September 17, 2007

James Avery Craftsman
I am now a James Avery Affiliate!
Wow :-D
Founded in 1954, James Avery is a leading jewelry designer, manufacturer, and retailer in the southern US. We design, manufacture, and sell quality sterling silver, gold, and gemstone jewelry. We sell original designs. We have three main categories within our total jewelry collection – Christian symbols of faith, charms and other pieces of meaning and connection, and classic casual jewelry. From our beginning, James Avery has believed in integrity and good taste in all matters. Our designers create jewelry that is functional as well as expressive, and our crafts people work with dedication and skill to ensure each design is as it should be, from concept to completion. We offer over 1,000 designs. Our product is sold through 40+ company owned stores located throughout Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. We have five manufacturing plants located in Texas.

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