Sunday, September 16, 2007

I found this little article which I thought was good yet funny... if you have ever seen this

movie it is... well.. one of a kind. :-) The first time I saw it I was amused very much.

Some would say its corny...
The entire below is from

10 Life Lessons from The Princess Bride
"Life isn't fair. It's just fairer than death, that's all." William Goldman
In September of 1987 I watched a little known movie called The Princess Bride, written by William Goldman who adapted the novel for the big screen. It had a huge impact on me then and as a result I shared that film with many, many people. Almost twenty years later, now a cinema cult classic, it still lingers in my heart. I make a point to watch it again every few years to be reminded of a few key life lessons I gleaned from it along the way. I present to you my personal top ten list of life lessons learned from The Princess Bride.
Mr. Besilly's - 10 Things I've Learned from The Princess Bride

1. It's possible, with the right strategy, to best a giant.
2. Outsmarting the one who thinks he is smartest of all is not inconceivable. Pride creates vulnerability.
3. Don't believe everything you hear. It appears people can actually survive the fire-swamp.
4. The obvious bad guy isn't always the bad guy, but a reputation can be bigger than reality.
5. Reciting your name and life's purpose with passion to everyone you meet can gain you the resources you need to reach your goal. Plus win you a few lifelong friends along the way.
6. Good fighting is as much about style as it is about skill. Add style to your skills because style is more fun to watch.
7. The six fingered man was wicked then and he's wicked now. Pay attention to track records they tell a true story.
8. There is such a thing as true love if you are willing to fight to the death for it.
9. Having a great gift for rhyme can bring levity during a difficult time... I mean it. Anybody want a peanut? A sense of humor is priceless.
10. Fairy tales are a great reminder that happy endings are possible if you believe in them. We sacrifice for those things we believe in.

If you have not watched The Princess Bride it's not too late. You are in for a huge treat and it's kid friendly. Add to my personal Top 10 list with your own life lessons. It has taken me many years of personal trial and error to learn what have become for me valuable lessons to live by. Failure can be a prudent teacher. I am encouraged to know that I am still growing, learning and willing to make changes for a more fulfilling life. My life has not been a storybook story. I am very thankful for that. Your comments are encouraged.


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