Friday, September 28, 2007

I rated between Mostly-Frugal Marta and Homesteading Hattie! :-D
How Frugal Are You?
from the Kings Missus
Take this Quiz to find out how you rate! Jot down what letter you picked for your answer to each ? and then count up how many of each letter you have.
1. Are you brand loyal?
A. Definitely!
B. I buy mostly brand-name, but some generic
C. I buy my favorites only if they are on sale or I have a coupon
D. I am not at all brand loyal and I always get the cheapest deal I can get regardless of the name on the package
2. You just realized that you are out of toilet paper. You:
A. Run to the nearest store and pay around $10 for a large package
B. Make a quick run to the grocery store to get it and use a 50 cents off coupon.
C. Flip through your stack of sale flyers to review which stores have a good deal on it this week and get it on sale and with a coupon.
D. Out of toilet paper? That’s unheard of since you stocked up for a year when it was on a hot sale for 24 rolls for $3. Besides, you only use toilet paper for company anyways, preferring to use rewashable cloths instead.
3. In planning meals, your typical practice is to:
A. Decide what you feel like on the way home from work, and swing by the store or a fast food place for a quick dinner.
B. Buy a bunch of groceries on the weekend, including box dinners and frozen meals.
C. Make a menu plan once a week and shop for the groceries, using coupons and buying loss leaders for a cheap grocery bill.
D. You shop once a month for your groceries and have a pantry full of home-canned veggies and fruits and a freezer full of wild game. You make everything from scratch.
4. You buy clothing for yourself and your family:
A. In the mall, your favorite boutique, or anywhere else where you find great style!
B. At Target or an equivalent store
C. You either buy on great clearances at any store as long as the prices are rock bottom or you sew your own clothing
D. At garage sales or thrift stores or you get them free through Clothing give-aways and exchanges
5. When it comes to eating meat, you:
A. Have to have meat for every meal
B. Buy the meat specials of the week and only have it 5 times a week
C. Buy the manager’s mark-down meats and only have it about 4 times a week
D. You obtain meat through hunting, fishing, mark-downs, and make it stretch by adding beans or oatmeal to your hamburger and only have it 3 times a week.
6. When buying household cleaning products you buy:
A. Whatever you see on TV commercials
B. Products you trust and like
C. Only generic or from the dollar store
D. You use vinegar water or you get your cleaning products free or for mere pocket change because of coupons/rebate offers/doubled coupons etc.
7. Each week you seem to:
A. Go way over your budget, spending money you don’t have.
B. Go a little over your grocery budget, especially if there was a great sale for stocking up.
C. Spend exactly your budget, no more, no less
D. Have lots of grocery money left over to save for the following week or use for other things
8. Your husband/parents/roommates would describe you as:
A. Dangerous with a credit card (need I say more?)
B. A Sale Shopper (loves to shop, but usually only shops when there is a big sale at the mall or a favorite store).
C. A Bargain Hunter (always on the hunt for good deals and great finds, wherever they may be had)
D. A Total Tightwad (They can’t get money out of your fist unless they use a crowbar.)
9. You usually eat out:
A. Twice a week or more
B. Once a week
C. Once or twice a month
D. A few times a year or less
10. For laundry detergent you have to have:
A. Tide or the equivalent
B. Purex or the equivalent
C. A bulk box of generic-brand powdered detergent
D. You make your own laundry detergent and it cost you only pennies per load.
11. When it comes to holidays or celebrations, you:
A. Host huge parties, load up on festive decorations, and buy the big and expensive gifts spending mostly with plastic.
B. Really get into the fun and splurge more than any other month, but still stay close to your spending budget.
C. Buy thoughtful, but inexpensive gifts, get Christmas decorations from the Dollar Store, and host potluck-style gatherings.
D. Make your own decorations from things around the house, make most of your Christmas gifts or pick them up on clearance throughout the year and stash them away, and serve goodies made from scratch out of a well-stocked pantry.
12. When it comes to Baby Expenses, you use:
A. The priciest diapers and shampoos (after all your kids deserves the best, right?)
B. High quality diapers and products that aren’t the cheapest, but aren’t the most expensive either.
C. The cheapest, store-brand diaper you can find that works well or whatever diapers you can get for that price using coupons and sales and the generic brand of baby products/wipes.
D. Cloth diapers and wet washcloth wipes and products you’ve gotten for free or pennies from clearances or yard sales.
Mostly A answers: You are a Spendy Wendy! Even if you are wealthy enough to not need to be frugal, learning how to spend less in certain areas will allow you to give more money to the Lord’s work. Most likely, though, your spending has created frustration in your marriage and financial hardship/huge credit card bills and it would be great for you to listen to a daily program online or on the radio like: The Dave Ramsey Show or Crown Financial Concepts.
Mostly B answers: You are an On-Her-Way Olivia. You enjoy shopping and you like to get deals, but you may need more ideas and inspiration for cutting costs in some areas. You aren’t doing terribly at saving money, but there are definitely some things you could try to trim down in the budget if there was a financial crunch.
Mostly C answers: You are a Mostly-Frugal Marta. You are always looking for bargains and deals and trying to do the best with what you have. You enjoy learning about being frugal and are always looking for ways to save and yet you are balanced in your ability to still have fun and splurge sometimes.
Mostly D answers: You are a Homesteading Hattie. You take frugality to new levels! Most Hatties have come to be this way out of necessity because of hard times but come to enjoy the very simple lifestyle. Hatties are usually big gardeners, recyclers, and are good about conserving everything (heat, electricity, water, paper, etc.) If you are a Hattie, you may need to loosen up some and realize that sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for something that saves you time.
This quiz was not meant to be judgemental or tell you that you are wrong for buying certain things. It was just for fun, a little gauge to help you determine where you’re at in the spectrum of frugal women. Obviously, we all have areas we splurge in and we all have areas where we are more frugal than others. I’d love to hear comments from you on this quiz and whether you are a Wendy, Olivia, Marta, or Hattie!
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