Thursday, September 13, 2007

My mother in love sent me this little thing on roses.
Meaning of Rose Colors
What do different flowers and colors of flowers mean? While difference sources give different meanings to different flowers and colors, all sources seem to agree- red roses are the most romantic flowers of all, and a dozen red roses is the ultimate declaration of love.

The Language of RosesAll roses symbolize love, but different colors have different shades of meaning

romantic love, passion, "I love you," "You are beautiful," "Congratulations"

Deep Red
respect, "I admire you"

purity, innocence, "My love for you is deep and pure"

joy, friendship, new beginnings, "You are my sunshine," "Welcome back," "I'm sorry," "Let's start again"

young love, first love, happiness, sweetness, "With you I have perfect happiness," "You are so lovely"

Dark pink
gratitude, "Thank you!"

desire, excitement, "You are my heart's desire," "Let's get together"

faithfulness, passion, "My love for you is true," "You are my passion"

love at first sight, "You enchant me."

Red & White
unity, togetherness, "I love only you"

Red & Yellow


"I care," "all best wishes

Mixed bouquet
includes the meaning of each color in the bouquet

young love, innocent love, "you are sweet"

Full-blown roses
engagement, "I am committed to you," "I love you still"

Small bouquet
"I'm thinking of you."

One single rose
"thinking of you," "just because I love you"

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