Friday, October 5, 2007

I think I have said it before bu in SS at church we have been going over financial things and it has been very good. 2 weeks ago he asked everyone to MAKE a budget if they didn't have one. My hubby an I have been talking about redoing ours as we will be moving the beginning of the new year and will have some changes in out current one. Living in an apt you don't have certain bills so we are going to be switching things around.
Oh yes btw we FOUND PROPERTY!!!! Its not officially in our names but we have it! It is kinda weird to think that we own land.... Not a big piece but we will still own it!!! Its awesome!
So anyways, I was thinking about the many questions people come up with as How to do a budget, how do even get started!!! :-D Now my hubby has a very elaborate step up that I couldn't even come up with so I had came across this little spreadsheet that you can print out and do! :-)
Here is a link to a simple one.
And a worksheet for what your are Spending each month.

And heres a GREAT FREE ( what can be better for penny pincher's????) Grocery Saving Tips!!

Hope you have a great week!
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Mandy said...

I tried to click the link for the P&G coupons, but nothing showed up. Any suggestions?