Monday, October 22, 2007

Ok it is not THAT cold out! :-D
But we had cool front come in this morning that dropped the temp about
20 degrees to nice 53!!!! And its suppose to stay this way the WHOLE day!
So, I have a sweater and sweats on and my window open, and have a warm cup of coffee.
I don't really have to do ANYTHING today.
My house is spotless.. which for a Monday is RARE. :-)
We had our landlord come over with someone who is looking to buy the house so I had
cleaned top to bottom on Saturday.
My hubby's car had a battery problem so he took my car into work so I am car less, So I can stay home and enjoy doing nothing! LOVIN IT!
Yesterday was our Church's 30th anniversary. We had a church picnic and service in the evening that was special. Lots of memories.
I think I might do some knitting today. Do some baking, I have some apples my mom gave me think I will make a pie out of... hm... hot apple pie.
And maybe Fresh bread and a HOT Soup or Stew for dinner. Sounds good. :-D


Rebekah said...

We're enjoying some nice cool weather too!!! It's such a nice change! It won't get over 60 today! YAY!!! I'm in sweats too! hehe Could use a cup of that coffee though! :)

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

I just checked the theromsate in out house... and it says 64 yeah! nice to get that cold in a house withOUT running the air. NICE electric bill. :-D

Vivian said...

Sweet, sweet weather! The Tigger in me is emerging! Bliss.

You are a joy, dear Nichole! Carry on.