Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Who knew ALL the guys could keep a secret????

We were told that Mark was bringing over a whole bunch of

leftover barbecue from some get together they had that weekend.

And none of us girls bought it! We all thought something was up.... but we didnt know WHAT!


And when we showed up I knew there was something fishy going on cause of

the people that were there... lol It was more than just a "we have tons of leftovers please come eat them" kind of thing.......

But as to what... all of us girls had our "ideas" of what it could be..... a baby? a marriage?

Well Mark arrives late as usual....with Bill Miller.... uh huh

And as we are getting the food ready.

I hear a SCREAM from Aunt Cindy...

GUESS WHO walks in!
Was a quick surprise visit but it was so much fun!
The guys all knew... and none of us girls, and his parents were kept in the dark.

We were all in shock!

They pulled it off...


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