Friday, October 26, 2007

Yah for trips!
I remember going on trips as a kid.. and from a large family.. it can be quite entertaining...
Have you ever imagined a family of 10 packing about a 2 weeks worth of clothes and other items that they might need for a long trip into a 12 passenger van ALONG with the 10 bodies?
Yes it can be entertaining.
Memories. :-D My mother got VERY good at fitting everything in JUST right... think of camping no less..... were we packed EVERYTHING from food, to tents, to blankets, wow.. looking back it was aways quite the trip we took. :-D
Then why does it take me SO long just to pack for myself? lol
I think of what I am going to be needing.. go off and get it and get side tracked cause I found something else along the way that I needed to clean or do.. :-)
Anywhoo off to pack again. :-D
loving the cool weather my open windows are bringing me still!! Don't you love it??

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