Monday, November 5, 2007

How to make a few extra dollars on your blog!

It is hard to start but once you get the hang of it its a blast!

This past weekend I got my FIRST $140.00 check for ads that I have up
on my blog.
I excitedly showed my husband who was also quite impressed with what a little time will do.

Now, that was a big jump for me. Having been doing this for awhile I was quite impressed with the payout in the end. As with all things like this when they say YES WE WILL PAY YOU.... does it really work??? Well I am here to tell you it does!

I would start out with something small to get use to it but you have to start somewhere right?

The company I LOVE for advertisements on my blog is
Its easy to use, and very up to date with all there ads and they have GREAT payouts.

Don't worry if you don't start out that big it will grow. :-D
Just work at it.
Heres a few links to a few other places to make money on the side that I have found that have worked very good.
Cash Crate
Vindale Research
Big Crumbs
Survey Lists

Jump on over to Money Saving Mom for some more GREAT ideas on how to start a blog and get it going.


Stephanie @ said...

Thank you for sharing. I have wondered if these ads work. Do you find the content is acceptable?

Laura said...

I had a question about the survey sites. I noticed most of the surveys ask for phone #/addresses. Do you find you get a lot of junk calls and mail?

Also, about the freebies, where do you find all those samples??!

Thanks so much!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Yes the content is ok I'm finding because they are LARGE company's that have a lot of ads to choose from, you get to pick the one you want to display. And I haven't come across one yet that I have found to be bad or in that nature at all. Now I am sure if you advertised with say a dating company that you would have some interesting ads, they do have those... but I don't advertise with company's that I don't feel believe would be exceptable :-D

Laura:I do not get alot of calls. :-) I don't sign up with many that are spam like. The ones that say something like "enter you phone into this contest and you will win" I stay away from those so I don't get junk phone calls. That and I don't answer calls that I do not know the number on my phone.

I sometimes "just come across them" guess I have an eye for them, this last weekend my sisinlaw where laughing because of the amount of samples and free things I had on my counter from the mail just in 3 days... I also have a few links to get people started in that way of signing up for samples down on my sidebar. My theory is to sign up for about 2-3 samples a day. That doesn't take but 2-5 mins depending on what it is. And in about 4-6 weeks every day in your mail you will be receiving samples! Its FUN!
Specially when you get a $10 NICE razor for free! :-D

Stephanie @ said...

I have been posting freebies that I find weekly on my blog. I try to sort through the scams and those that ask for your life information! I have some recent ones this week if you would like a quick and easy way to find some!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Thanks Stephanie! I will take a look. :-D

Caroline said...

I signed up for the blog ads, but I am not able to get any added to my list (that should hopefully make sense!). Do they have to recieve the W-9 first before I can post any? Thanks!


Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Hey Caroline:
You have to apply to each advertiser and they will approve you, they will send you an email once doing so.
And then once you get approval from each advertiser you will be able to look at the ads and choose which banner/text advertisement you want.
Its very easy and I think they have some help info on there to read if you need more info. :-)