Sunday, November 4, 2007

I cant still believe this.

Today, I hit a rummage sale at a church on the way out to a family get together... and I walked around and spotted a elder lady with a table with a serger on it!
Now I have been wanting one of these babys ever since I moved out and no longer had access to my mothers... But I wasnt gonna spend $500-$1000 on it, and if I was it was gonna take me a good LONG time so save it up. So I spotted this and went right over and asked her how much she wanted for it. $30 she said. I examined it and messed around with it seeing what it was and all, turns out its JUST like my mothers only without a digital display, which I could handle fine. So, I offered her $20 being the bargainer I am... and she came up to $25 OK I said I'll take it. Well I went into my purse that had ALL my cash in it and turns out it was only $24 oh no, I look at her and tell her how much I had and she said, no problem thats fine. :-D I WAS SO HAPPY!
I got about a $750 serger for a woopin $24!!!!!!! NOW thats a blessing! :-D


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Adena said...

Wow, that is so awesome!! I just love it when I run across incredible deals like that! I just got a $40 humidifier for $6. Not quite a $700 savings but I can't sew well enough anyway :)