Sunday, November 25, 2007



OK laugh at this,

Hubby just got out Electric bill for the last two months from out Landlord and the second month was 1/2 as much as the one before.


We haven't had our heater lit yet so we have no heat. Last night we finally went and bought a little space heater for out bedroom and bathroom and the one heat its nicely!

The guy is suppose to come and check it all out tomorrow to be sure its safe to lite it and all that as it is quite cold in the rest of the house. :-) But we still will be keeping it low I imagine, as long as its not FREEZING its nice in there. :-)

I put up our very first Christmas Tree Thanksgiving Evening. I know I know
a bit early but I was so excited about doing it hubby let me put it up this early. :-)
Its so pretty. I am loving it. I think we might make it tradition of putting our tree up on Thanksgiving evening, that someday our kids can enjoy in also.

This pretty ornament my hubby darling bought me on our honeymoon in Galveston. I love it.

Hubby was feeling very sick today so we have been holed up in our warm room watching movie after movie and now playing online canasta together. Poor people who encounter us along their way! :-D It is fun though.

Sipping Wildberry Italian Soda. Num Num :-D Share

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