Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lovin the Deals!

I have been on the lookout and search for a GOOD Wok but that wasnt gonna cost me my arm and a leg. :-D

A cheapo one can cost 15-20 dollars but I was hopping for something a little better than but for that price!

Well I did good I think.

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond just to see what they had on sale right now and I came across my deal!


The wok was on sale for 19.99 Good deal in itself... but I also had a 20% off total purchase (side note: you can use expired AND several coupons in one transaction at BBB) so I also bought a spatula that would be gentle on it since it was a nonsitck pan.
So I ended up paying a total of $22.49 and on top of that at the register they printed out a $10 rebate for me to send in for that purchase, they had alot of this rebate ads up today I noticed.

So I will have spent a total of 12.49 for both my items! Great deal right!

Loving the Deals!


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