Friday, November 9, 2007

Making meals taste good without having reruns...Part of shopping with deals and markdowns is you tend to have a a abundance of the same meat. So how do you make meals that DON'T taste the same!!!
Like two weeks ago I bought on sale for a really good price some sausage links. I wanted to use them for meals every few days but didn't want to be eating the same food over and over! :-D
So, a few meals I ended up making was breakfast tacos, just the sausage with a pasta and sides, and it with barbecued sauce chicken. And I also one night I had left over Ground Beef from a previous meal, so I threw it in with cut up sausage, cooked it with most of all the seasonings you would make spaghetti with and threw in a can of tomato sauce.
Now mind you it didn't taste like spaghetti but had the flavours of it. Once this had simmered for a bit getting in all the flavours I cooked some swirly pasta and threw it in with it. Let it cook for a few mins and wow it turned out SO GOOD. For just being something tossed together I was glad it turned out good, AND my husband LOVED it which is the best!
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