Monday, November 12, 2007

Making Money From Home:

As I sit here at work taking a break from things I am gladly awaiting the
day that I will be able to stay at home full time!

Don't get me wrong I LOVE my job and the things I do here. But its just a temp.
thing. I love staying at home and doing things around my house. Its just me :-D

My husband and I were talking about things this morning on money making side things I can do when I quit working. We have several things in place and are thinking of more! For one I am starting up a online business that will soon be up and running!!! I am so excited about that and am looking forward to it. Wait for the coming announcement about it!!! :-D

Another thing I do to make money is shop frugally.
Yes, you can make money doing this. Its not hard at all and you already HAVE to shop for household items, food, ect... right??? So WHY not save money doing it??? If I shop frugally and don't spend any money out of pocket but still gain all the everyday items we need than I am making that money for my husband.

Its a no brainer I think.

This past week I made $114.00 just by shopping...
And I gained all my items for free! Which I saved over $420.00!!! Now just that in it self is great!

Now I say for doing my regular shopping and not having to spend a day in the office to make that kind of money is good.

I am predicting to save ( besides the money I will make since thats different)
for one year which will end in April which will be my 1 year mark of shopping like this, Just
alone at CVS $1800.00-$2000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, thats a nice chunk of change!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you do to make money.

Check out a great post on making money at home from MoneySavingMom!



Feminine Pursuits said...

After purchasing Crystal's e-book I just started shopping CVS yesterday! I now have $11 in ECB's and am very excited about working that system. You have really saved a ton there! I look forward to the day I have saved that much. I never thought about keeping track of it like you though, so I am going to do that too. It will be fun to see the savings add up.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Great Job!
It is exciting!
To be such a help to our husbands! :-D

And keeping track of it really does help you keep your target of spending less and less in the front of your mind! :D

Bethany P said...

I just signed up for the card online cuz they are opening a huge new CVS in Highland. . . I'm more interested in diaper deals and cosmetic stuff.

Lylah said...'re doing great! I hear in your philosophy, something that I believe too - when a wife saves money - she makes money.

From an "older P31" wife...I applaud you. Keep up the good work!

As We Sail... said...

My husband has always told me that since I'm a SAHM (33 yrs) I make money by saving him money. I have had the time to learn to do several things myself instead of hiring people, such as home repairs and redecorating, landscaping & yard work, homemade gifts (sewing, crafting, baking...), not having to hire babysitter, buy career clothes or buy prepared meals because I'm too tired. I'm sure you all know ways that you save money in other areas too. I have time to search for bargains at yard sales, and to strip any furniture I need or slipcover it. I have time to have my own yard sales and sell extra crafts at craft shows. Have time to clip coupons and sew a few clothing articles. My husband also like s the fact that he doesn't have to help with so many of the chores, and that I can hang out with him more.