Thursday, November 8, 2007

Need a good Christmas Idea?
Well I have come up with a few frugal Ideas so far. :-)
I have found this site that you can order FREE jewelry! All you have to do is pay for shipping.
Thats not a bad deal if you ask me! Specially if you have someone who LOVES jewelry as a gift!
I have ordered a few pieces myself for gifts and myself. And I love it. Its well made, and very pretty. Some of the jewelry's retail price range from 39.99 to as high as I have seen yet 169.99!
So for FREE I would say thats a good deal!
Also a note on the website, when you get to the page it shows you 4 pieces that they have up for grabs, and theres a link in the upper right above the pics for Click to see what's coming up next! and you can see whats is in line next! I think they have each item listed for 12 mins or so, so you have to grab it while you can!

Here are a few other great Frugal ideas for gifts to!

We just ordered our entertainment books and Cant wait to see what GREAT savings is in it this year!
Real savings on all you do!

You can use the code THANKS to get a $25.00 gift certificate for just $5!!!!!! Now THATS a great gift!

This place makes a awesome display of fruit baskets! And who doesn't like that???

The Fruit Company

What person doesn't like coffee???

Cant find it anywhere... always get it off

Click here for your favorite eBay items


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Jenmomof4 said...

Thanks for the great list!

I love the fruit basket idea!