Thursday, November 22, 2007

Organizing my Coupons in a better way!

Today I made up my coupon book. Works great and looks good!

I had been using just 3 Folders to separate all the inserts but I decided it was time to go a bit more "together" and I am glad I did. Because it was SO easy to take into the store and use! And its cute. :-)
Has a place for EVERYTHING!

DOUBLE (2) 3-ring Zipper Binder has more capacity to organize
Velcro secured dividers protect the contents of both 1 1/2" d-ring Binders
Handle & detachable shoulder strap
Removeable Zippered Pencil Pouch
Velcro Pocket for calculator
15 pieces of colored labels
5 Pen loops
5 pieces of "Binder Buddies" Dual Pocket Folders
5 pieces of "Binder Buddies" Index Dividers
I added 3 Sticky Zipper Pockets to the front part to add pockets for my coupons for the shopping trip. You can see one of them in the last pic.

Added with pens, marker, little pair of scissors, and a calculator!

Its a great little all in one coupon organizer

I'm very happy with it!



Rebekah said...

Guess I had a good idea, huh!!! :)

I bought most of what I need to put mine together. Can't wait to finish it!

Have a wonderful day today with your family, especially your sister!

Love you and your hubby!

Edwena said...

Wondering if you could post a little more on your coupon binder. What came with the binder? I'm having a hard time understanding from what you what. Sorry. Do you cut out your coupons or do you just leave them in the inserts, etc.? Thanks so much.