Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Weekend Holiday


Our house hasn't had the heater turned on yet because we liked the cold weather that was coming inside. But now its TO cold. :-)

I am bundled up in sweaters, sweats, socks, slippers, and a homemade pretty soft and SO warm blanket someone had made for me when we got married. LOVE IT!

My laptop is also keeping me warm. hehe

So, Thanksgiving went well. Lots of family, friends, and food!

My parents house was full of people and noise!!! :-D

Friday morning I braved the crowds and went Black Friday shopping.

And I must tell you I had the BEST TIME!!!!!!!!!!

I am still in shock that I had so much fun! I am hooked for sure. :-)

I was "suppose" to meet up with my sis's and sis in law to be to go to the mall but they

happened to sleep in so I started all by myself but it was still fun and i got a few hours of

shopping done before they got there.

I had gone to ToyRUs first thing but that was the one place I WILL not go back to on that day....

It was a zoo I am sry to say. Don't care what the sales where... hehe

But the mall there was not alot of people. I was shocked here I am expecting to be trampled on when they opened the door. But no! I was standing outside of Macys and North Star Mall for like 10 mins before it opened and there was about a dozen of us. I laughed at the non-zooness of if it.

I got alot of good deals between my (yes girls laugh) coupons and sales that they had going on. I got almost ALL of my Christmas Shopping done!!! I was amazed. I saved a TON of money. Got exactly what I was looking for for each person! YIPPEE!!!

And I didn't even spend that much money in which I was surprised at! :-D

Well hubby and I are off to spend the day doiung errands and such before the the weekend ends.

Have a great weekend!


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