Thursday, December 20, 2007

CVS Bargin Shopper

I have found these cute sayings along the way in my CVS bargain
shopping browsing:

You Know You are Coupon / CVS Addicted When:

1. Your 2 year old puts on her play purse and says, "Bye, bye, I go CVS."

2. When traveling out of town for work, you'd rather go on a Sunday vs. Monday morning, so you can get the extra inserts from the papers at the airport and hotel..

3. Your sweet sweet daughter begs to go peelie-blinkie-tearpad shopping!

4. You shop at CVS even in your dreams, every night.

5. You just came home from shopping & your husband begs for chips (which of course you haven't bought) so you turn around enthusiastically to go back to CVS. And... when you get home you not only have 4 bags of chips but 6 bags of stuff which you paid a total of $.31! I just couldn't bear to buy chips for almost $4 a bag so I had to do some quick figuring on how to get them all for $.31!!!!

6. When you are checking out with a cart full of stuff & have to pay *gasp!* $5!!!! The cashier was shocked and said, "I've never seen you pay that much. Are you feeling ok?"

7. You only carry change to shop at cvs.

8. You have 1-800-SHOP-CVS on your cell phone's speed dial. Then press 3, wait for the first sentence of the message, and press 2 and then 4 without waiting. LOL

9. When you're walking up and down the aisles with your coupon binder calculating the best deals and other customers think you work there! (It might be because I'm there everyday!)

10. When you have enough toothpaste, shampoo, soap, toliet paper, household cleaners, hair color and medication to last 3 years!

And my fav' of them all is:

You can walk a CVS newbie friend thru EB deals on the phone while she is in the store, and talk your favorite cashier thru the deals too! LOL Share


sarahdodson said...

Those are pretty funny:) I just don't get the whole "first transaction," "second transaction" thing. Good for you saving lots of money and getting lots of things! :)

As We Sail... said...

This was fun to read. You must get so much free stuff it's like having a stay at home job, except you get to go shopping.

happy little momma said...

Here's another one for you! You know it when your husband wakes up in the morning and says "I can't believe you did that last night...I dreamed you went to CVS and bought some kind of electric pot for $75, because it was usually $300, and it was SUCH a good deal..." LOL