Monday, December 3, 2007


Tonight I made Spaghetti with Homemade Bread & veggies.
I used a different meat then ground beef and it tasted REALLY good.
I took Italian sausage took off the sausage skin and cooked it up. It made the
sauce taste SO much better than ground beef.
And hubby raved over the rolls I made. He was scraping the pan to make sure
he got every last piece. Then proceeded to ask if I had changed the recipe that I
normal make cause they tasted so good. They were hot out of the oven to so they
kinda just melted in your mouth. lol... I said.. well... I kinda just threw
water in and yeast and put a bit of that and some of this... and Nope no recipe.
He started to groan.... oh noooooo you cant make that again??????? LOL
I will try. It was good. Love my hubby love. :-D Share

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