Saturday, December 1, 2007

EBay ~ Gift Cards

I think gift cards are great. When I have them I USE THEM!
So in light of saving, have you ever thought to buy gift cards on eBay!
For instance if you happen to spend say $25 OOP every two months
at CVS and you could get a gift card for that amount but say get it for
$20 that's saving another $5 out of your grocery money.

I have been looking up what gift cards go for at the end of auction at eBay,
(if you have an eBay acct. you can look up ended auctions to see what things
have sold for in case you didn't know) and I have figured that most gift cards
for for about 10% or 15% under there retail value. That's not bad. They higher
the amount of it the more you save.

Another thought, are you doing alot of remodeling or needing a new fridge?
Price them and then get a gift card of eBay for that store for that amount and
you will get about 10% or 15% off and when you buy bigger purchase that could
add up!!! My husband and I are going to be buying some in the next 2 months for
the purchase of our new appliances we will need in our home. Fridge, Freezer, Washer
and Dryer. So it makes a BIG difference. :-)

Or say even for Christmas shopping!
You could buy gift cards to the places you KNOW you are going to spend money.
I would price the item you are looking at. Ask the sales associate if they are going to
put that item on sale in the near future! They will tell you in most places I have found out. :-)
And then buy your gift card for a savings of the 10% or %15 and you will have
saved yourself a bit of money. :D

DON'T EVER buy gift cards in the store or restaurants!!! Buy them on eBay. Why would you pay
retail value if you can get more for your money on eBay????

Don't have an eBay! acct???? Sign up for one they are FREE to buy and will save you money and time. Share

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