Thursday, January 3, 2008

Free After Rebate

FREE Kraft LiveActive after Rebate on 2
Buy 2 between 12-31-07 to 7-31-08 and send TWO UPCs,
Send the form, and receipt.

FREE Full Size"NatureMade"Brand vitamins After Rebate
Go to
For free bottle of NatureMade brandsupplemental vitamins
if your taking ANY of the listed branded prescription medicines.
And theres a coupon here for $5.00 off!!! So it will be a money maker! Share


Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting this!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...


Anonymous said...

This deal is only if you don't like the product, right?

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Lots of companys will offer an incentive to get you to buy there product. So you will need the upc code off product and recipet to send in to get it with the rebate form. You can LOVE the product!!!