Friday, January 4, 2008

Tis better to give...

Awhile ago I posted on giving rather out of your stockpile.
I wanted to just write a few ideas down to give you a few
ideas to pass on your blessings.

-Make a basket full of household items to start a new home
for a bride to be or a new family in town.

-Find a family who might have financial problems and help them
out by bringing them a few bags of your stock pile every few

-Make a basket for a friends b-day with glade candles, body washes,
scrubs, and other prettys.

-Make a baby basket for a mommy to be with enough to supply her
closet for a few months so she wont have to bother with it!

-Find a crisis pregnancy center and donate items to them to help women
who need it.

-Donate to your local Church's food pantry.

-Start a Dry good pantry and pass the word at your local church or
some sort of community outlet.

-If someone is having surgery help them out with paper products for ease
of recovery on them in doing dishes!

There are so many more options that you could help someone else out with
your stock pile.

Any more ideas???
Share them with us!!! Share


Lyn said...

Great ideas. I hope people will take them to heart to share their "wealth" so to speak.

Lyn said...

Forgot to add a tip: seniors or senior centers in general are good places too. Many are living on very tight incomes with little to spare.

Heart of Wisdom said...

These are awesome! The real kicker is you get so much more in return when you take the time to do some of these things you have suggested. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Blessings to you in this coming year.

I’m looking forward to browsing your blog.

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God Bless,
Robin @heartofwisdom

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Great tips lyn!! Going to add that to the list!