Thursday, January 17, 2008

You might be addicted to CVS IF

Awhile back I had posted a few Funnies about being a CVS Coupon shopper....

Well Crystal for frugal friday wants to know if anyone has a "You May Be Addicted to CVS Shopping If... " list...

Well I guess if you have been reading my blog for long you KNOW I sure have one!!! An addiction that is....... :-D

So here are few from that post and a few more that I came up with!

-You shop at CVS even in your dreams, every night

-You only carry change to shop at CVS.

-When you are checking out with a cart full of stuff & have to pay *gasp!* $5!!!! The cashier was shocked and said, "I've never seen you pay that much. Are you feeling ok?"

-You have 1-800-SHOP-CVS on your cell phone's speed dial. Then press 3, wait for the first sentence of the message, and press 2 and then 4 without waiting. LOL

-When you have enough toothpaste, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, household cleaners, hair color and medication to last 3 years!

-You MAKE lots of money off CVS!

-Your CVS manager at your closest store knows you by name.

-When you check out the cashier cheerfully says "So what coupon do we have for today and lets see how much you end up spending!!!

-You walk thru the store and people ask you where things are cause you look like you know everything!

-The girl at CVS asks your best friend, who you taught how to CVS, "Gosh do those binders really work??? I see several ladies come in with them!" And she responds " Oh yah they do... and thats probably my friends and her sisinlaw!!!! rofl"

-You know what store carries which things and usually when they run out of it during the week!

-You know every CVS on the way home from ANY location!

-You hold your ECB's priceless because you KNOW how much they are worth!!!

-Your husband wants to know when CVS is going out of business.....

Got any more to add??? Got a good CVS story! Tell me about it! I want to know!!! Share


Name: Jenni said...

Too funny! My hubby always asks if I'm going to go to jail for robbery when there are deals where you end up making money!

I noticed your side bars says money for selling CVS stuff. Where do you sell these items? I have a stash of stuff that I was thinking about selling so that it doesn't all expire and don't know where/how to do it. Thanks!

Heart4MyHome said...

I guess I need to visit our CVS more often. I figured they were higher in prices since they are a smaller store (like Eckerds used to be before they bought them out)but maybe I have assumed wrong. Hmmm...I will have to take a visit there.

Kim said...

You know what is funny, I went on a trip with my mom. We both had our bath items on the counter. Her stuff was mostly sauve and store brands. On my side was Pantene, VO5, get the idea. Everything I had brought on that trip, except for a can of shaving cream, had been free after rebate. Most of it from CVS!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Hey Jennie,
I am currently selling a few items on ebay. I started them out VERY cheap as I got it all for free so I thought it was best not to get my hopes up TO high o sell them. But it is turning out VERY well! So far the bids are up past $80 !!!! :-) Pretty good I would say!

jeannie said...

""Your husband wants to know when CVS is going out of business""

I like this one...(LOL)

Mine tells me what he needs and expects me to come back with it for FREE....

Michele said...

Oh I love it! Great list! My 2 year old knows when I come back from CVS that we put everything on the table to take pictures! He automatically starts pulling items out and puts them on the table!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Love it! I too hold my ECB's very close. What is funny is that I have about $100 in ECB right now but I am still stingy about spending it.

Jennifer said...

I love your list! And you know what the really funny thing? You hit it on the mark,I can RELATE,ROTFL!!! I'm linking this to my blog:0)

Jenny M said...

This is great! I can relate to every single one of them. In honor of "CVS Spring Break" as some have called it, I am reposting this on my blog with links to yours. I hope that's ok, and if it's not, please let me know! Thanks Nichole!