Monday, February 4, 2008

Ebay Selling

Seems like alot of you want pointers on how to sell on ebay.

Start small. Don’t think your make your first million on the first thing you list!!! :-)
I started selling on eBay years ago when it first became really popular. Now it seems
like everyone and their aunt sells, But there are those few out there that have never
ventured out to the auction world. It can seem scary as their are alot of scammers out
there trying to make a buck off anyone who will fall into there trap. But hopefully that wont be you!

For starters, Lets go over a basic idea.

I get alot of great deals at CVS like alot of people. I heard over an over of people having garage sales and selling their items that they have stocked up but have to much for their own families use. But I live in an area (moving soon!!!) that dosnt allow garage sales, or would be way to hard to do. So, I thought hey, why not try eBay

So, I did some investigation. I ALWAYS search on eBay for items I have that I will be listing to see how well other people did on selling it, or if it didn’t go at all. Searching for completed items is my first step ALWAYS before I list something.

For those that have an eBay acct. ( You have to to be able to look up ended auctions) and don’t know how to look them up its not hard. All you have to do is, Search for your item in the find box just like if you were going to look for something to buy. Then on your left side of the page were it has all the things you can check off, there’s a button for completed items. Click it and then hit the search at the bottom of that column. Wala, ended auctions for that item!

Ok, so say we want to look up something, lets do this. GO search Cover girl Mascara. Something you can get at CVS for free. :-D Ok a good 50 or so items up pop for me. Not bad. I see there are a few with bids on them for a pretty good price. Considering you got it for free I would say anything above $4 would be a good price. :-D

Now that we have that, lets go and look under the completed auctions to see how well they sold for. I'm seeing auctions ending anywhere from $3 to $15 bucks! Now the higher ones are for a set of 2 but 2 of them at $15 is $7.50 each! That’s a good profit for something you got for free isn’t it!

Ok, I see that I can now sell my lot of mascara I bought last week for nothing on ebay and make a nice penny. :-D

I personally start my cvs auctions out at .99 cents. I figure, it pays for the listing price and from past experience on eBay things sell better if they start out low. Now if I had $10 invested into the item it would be a different story but considering I got it for free, its worth the shot. And so far it has worked well for me doing it this way.

Another thing that really help is always try to ship low. People tend to buy more items that have to lower shipping price. I do alot of priority but on items like from cvs I have found first class is better because people tend to bid more than.

Don't have an acct with eBay! Sign up for one today!!!!

And start your first auction! Come back and tell me how you did! :-) Share


Kim said...

You know I hadn't thought about reselling my CVS finds on Ebay, I will check into that :)

Seis said...

That is a great idea!! Thanks Stacey