Saturday, February 2, 2008

Good Savings

Just a great note:

If your on the lookout to buy Big Tickets Items it really pays to shop for prices, buy the gift card for the place on Ebay, Use Big Crumbs to get 36% of the sellers fees for what you just bought, and save TONS!!!

We found all the items for our new home at Home Depot. Plus they have a rebate deal going on when you buy certain items (our washer, dryer, and freezer) you get a $250 Gift card back.

So we priced everything we would be needing, totaled it all up, I logged onto my Big Crumbs acct. and went on to ebay from there, saved 12% on gift cards for the amount we needed JUST in buying them off ebay, got back money from using Big Crumbs and wala, between it all we will have save a big wopping amount!!!!

In total we will be saving about $475!!!

Im happy. :D


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