Monday, March 10, 2008

A Great Anniversary

We had a nice and relaxing, fun weekend trip for our anniversary.
The place we stayed at was nice compared to the area LOL.

It was like a palace....

The flowers were just awesome. Wish someone would do that
for me at my new house.... hint hint hint... hehe
Well maybe not that extreme but what ya think?
This was "THE" place to eat everyone said....
only we couldnt find it... and apperently the ONLY
place besides fast food around... It was good. It just
was intresting to find. LOL
In that whole in the wall place...
IT WAS PACKED for the hour we were there.
People in and out. I have never gotten my food so
fast in my whole life. There was ALWAYS a line
of people coming in to eat. AT a wierd time of day to..
My husband wanted to try something out of the norm.
And got tongue... it was gross in my opinion. He liked it.
I stuck to something I KNEW. :-D

We ate dinner at the "tack" room of the hotel.
Was the best steak I have had in a good long time.
And was cool to watch the chef cook them. :-D

This I have never seen. A hair net for lemons...
hm... was pretty smart!
The border... no guns it says...
We didnt cross as we didnt have our birth cert. or
passports. But it was ok. I did enough shopping on this
side and got my mex cooking stuff I wanted. :-D I'm good
to go on USA soil. :-D


Heart4MyHome said...

What a beautiful hotel. The flowers are so pretty. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. Happy Anniversary! Much love and happiness in the many years to come.


April@Crafty*Nesty*Thrifty said...

Happy Anniversy! The hotel looks so sweet and romantic. I love the little courtyard with the table and chairs. Thanks for sharing, it is like I got to go on a little trip:)
On another note, I noticed on your sidebar that you listed "money made from CVS stuff", could you share about this? I have extra and I have been holding out for a yard sale, but would love to hear other ideas. Take Care, April.

Southerner said...

You don't say where this is!!! Happy Anniversary. We celebrate 20 in July and I will be 40 in August- I wanted Italy but that is out. Maybe an Italian meal.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Its in Laredo, texas.

We live in south texas so it wasnt to far of a drive. :-D