Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Homeschooling in CA

I was gonna post on this the other day but never got around to it with all the stuff going on.
But I wanted to just atleast link you up to some good writing on this topic of California's Court of Appeal's recent decision over homeschooling.

Over at Biblical Womanhood they have an article up on California Call-to-Action Campaign .
Go sign the petition from HSLDA!!!!

STAND UP for your rights as parents! They say that a parent has to be a certified teacher in order to homeschool. NO YOU DON'T! You are the GOD given teacher in your child's life. You should be able to have the option to homeschool if you want to!
You dont have to be a homeschool right now, nor be in CA. to be able to sign the petition! Just stand up for your freedom! Share

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Jerri said...

Hello. I love your blog. I'm definitely subscribing to your feed!

Thanks for posting the link to the petition. I think this is just another move to take power away from parents. The dept. of education & the teachers' unions are a mess. (no offense to the good teachers out there, and I know plenty!)

I think as long as your kid can pass the state graduation exam and meet other requirements needed to graduate, people should have the right to home school.