Friday, March 28, 2008

Shopping for Meat

Do you buy meat on sale, or clearance/mark down items?

What is the most you will pay for meat and when its on GREAT
sale/markdown, how much of it will you buy.

Our Super Walmart marks down meats every day from 10-12.
Super Target marks it down I think on Tuesday early early.
And I'm not sure when Hebs is... a day before the date on the
meat package says is what one guy told me.

Its hit and run when I buy meat. Some weeks I will buy a TON of
meat on sale and other weeks I don't by any meat at all. But it all
works out to have meat every meal with what I buy on clearance.

We are hoping to get out freezer soon, which has been holding me back
on buying to much of items that must be frozen because of how much space
I have. :-)

So what do you do that works the best for you? Share


Sonshine said...

Sales, markdowns, or bulk buying is how I purchase my meat. Having an upright stand alone freezer helps too! :) When I get home from shopping I take the time to divide my meat up into meal portions and stick in the freezer, esp. the markdown and bulk meat. I still have a 12 lb turkey in my freezer from the sales around Thanksgiving and Christmas! :)

Also around here I can get markdowns at one store in the morning and then another store after 9pm. :)

Lynne said...

I've gotten in the habit of at least looking for the clearance meats, some days the selection is better than other days.

Mrs. Walker said...

I rarely buy meat anywhere other than here at our small local grocer. They put meat on sale for really good prices. We usually stock up as much as our grocery budget will allow. I have a chest freezer full of chicken, hamburger, pork chops, ham, and even some steaks. Chicken is always going on sale for 0.69/lb for thighs or legs. Whole chickens and breast are usually marked down as well, though not as much. I like to get the 10lb. bag of leg quarters when it goes on sale, sometimes as low as 0.25/lb!
Obviously, we eat a lot of chicken, but in the summer, my husband likes to grill, so I will thaw out several packages of meat at once, then re-freeze the grilled meat for easy suppers! It's a great way to have ready-to-use food on hand for those busy nights.

Anonymous said...

I know you live in San Antonio,I do too!! They have chicken breast in Sun Harvest grocery store for $1.77 a pound. To me that's pretty inexpensive compared to Super Target and Super Walmart and even HEB.Just my 2 cents.