Thursday, March 6, 2008

Time is my money....

I guess you could say I'm at SAHW and a WAHW. :-D
I love the sound of that... a stay at home wife and a work at home wife.

Ever since I quite my job about a month ago I have been slowly settling into my daily life at home a lot. I love it so much. It’s given me opportunities to help out others more than I ever use to be able to. I spend more time doing things around my home and am able to keep it up better than I ever did when I worked outside the home.
I also have been able to dedicate more time to this site and making some extra side money by working on here. Which has been a blessing with me quitting my job. I am working on a e-book right now that I hope it will be a blessing to those who are trying to learn to be frugal. I also just signed up to be a consultant with a beauty product that I love. :-D More to come about that later.
But as I get more and more involved in things I am learning that my time is SO important! Time is money to me.
Learning to divide it accordingly to help me go about my tasks that I hope to accomplish and my daily life is something I need to work on more.

I know as soon as we have children that my time will be even more precious and
I want to learn to be wise with it. Share


BarbaraLee said...

Good for you. Do you have any children? I am trying to make extra $$ from surveys and adsences on google. DHubby is self employed so it can make it challagening.

Mom2fur said...

Time certainly is money. And learning how to be smart with it before the kiddies arrive is a smart idea. Because, honestly (and this is from the mother of 4), kids change everything about life, including schedules.
Good luck with your business venture!

Christy said...

That is wonderful that you are at home now!!! When I quit work (almost 13 years ago), I couldn't believe the amount of money we actually 'saved' my not more dry cleaning bill (not as much anyway!), not as much eating out, I could bargain shop, garage sale, etc. etc. etc. May God bless you on this new journey!! It is one that has eternal rewards :) !!

Have a wonderful day!!