Monday, March 24, 2008

Woohhoo painting is work!

Today I spend the better part of my day (meaning most of it) staining our deck. Oh boy oh boy am I sore! It's looking very good but not finished yet. I have one more coat to put on it tomorrow and then a sealer. I think I am going to have some well-toned muscles after this is all done!
My back and arms are quite sore right now.

I finally got done around 4:30 or so and started tackling my quite dirty house. :-D

I had a HUGE mess from sewing in my dining room from making a skirt for this Sunday.. (I couldn’t find anything when I went shopping for something to wear that was springy and "fit" me in stores... so I got some pretty material and begged by sewing machines to work.)

My house is looking a bit better now; does your house go down hill over the weekend? Mine seems to... :-D

Now to get those stains off my hands... Share


Bethany said...

My house is always slightly disaster-y by Monday! Fortunately, it's usually superficial clutter and doesn't take too long to get into order on Monday. Sounds like you had a really big Monday though!

Heart4MyHome said...

Great job on your deck. Sounds like it is going to look great when the final coats are done. Don't forget to share pictures!

I try to stay on top of the housework, but not always am I successful at it on weekends. But that's ok.

Today I was actually thinking of unpacking a few more boxes from the garage. I took a longer break from unpacking than I had planned, so in order to be able to park our vehicles in the garage I need to get busy.

So how are you enjoying the new house? I bet it such a great feeling to be there and know that this is truly "home." I am so happy for you both.

Rick Rack Attack said...

Stop by anytime. I'll get you a glass of iced tea & you can put your feet up. You've been busy!

Confession of an Apron Queen:

Karen said...

It is a lot of upkeep owning a house. It is worth it though.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Wow, sounds like you've got a big job on your hands, but like you've got it all under control. Great job!

Heart of Wisdom said...

It hard work but feels so good when your done. Keep up the good work.