Thursday, April 10, 2008

Get Resturant Gift cards by buying Polident or Poligrip!

If you buy these products you can get Free Gift Cards for
Olive Garden. Red Lobster, and Bahama Breeze!

Check out the offer form here for this great offer!

Earn gift cards when you by Polident or Poligrip
products! Between now and 12/31/08

You can earn as MANY as you want to!
Buy 3 and get a $5.00 gift card (So if you buy 9 items you will get $15.00!!)
(Um yah if you only want to buy 3 items then this would be the way to go but!
below is better I think!)
Buy 4 and get a $10.00 gift card (If you buy 8 you will get $20.00!!!)\ (This one looks better! LOL!!!)

Send UPC in with Receipts and the form.

They say it takes 6-8 weeks to get your gift card!

Rack up the savings!
Look for coupons in your inserts for items to make the
deal better!!!

Maybe use Extra ECB's if you have lots racked up to turn them into
Resturant Cards by buying the products! :-) A GREAT gift for someone!

I was looking on and for prices of the items to see what
was the cheapest might be Polident Tablets 3 Minute 40 TB $3.49 at CVS (prices may be different in store)
Throw in the .50 cent coupons that are out there for this product in the SS 3/30 insert!
(If you buy lots of newspapers or people give you their inserts this would be GREAT!)
If you just signed up on and got your $4/$20 coupon maybe this would be good!
Or hope maybe a new coupon will come out!

Buy 8 Polident $3.49 =$27.92
-$4/$20 cvs coupon
8x .50 coupons - $4.00
Total OOP $19.92 (Use ECB's if you have lots!)
Get a $20.00 Gift card to a resturant!

Great to turn ECBs into Gift Cards like this!

I turn my Ecb's into cash buy doing alot of rebates. Becuase
even though Ecbs are great they arn't always CASH! :-D Share

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