Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Guess what I did today!

Oh' what a day!

Can you guess what I did today???

This morning I veiwed the beauty of our yard....

While veiwing it..... I realized something that I

been wanting to do for some time now but wasn't

sure of quite how to go about doing it!

And realized it was TIME to do something!

What to do you ask?

Well scroll down to see!

hehe Yah ok stop the drama!

I Cut my HAIR!!!
I love it! My hair is SO FULL! I forgot I had
so much of it. lol
Its much lighter for sure... And I feel younger!

About 6-8 inches came off...
I didnt measure but it was ALOT!
I don't think they normaly have that
much hair on the ground when they
cut normal peoples hair!

Bet you thought I planted a garden or something like that 'eh!!! :-D Share


Mrs. Walker said...

I love it!!! It's cute and it's looks great! By the way, that's a really good picture of you! :)
Love you, friend!

Jessi said...

It looks really cute! I got my hair cut about 2 inches a few weeks back and I couldn't believe how much lighter it felt.

Heart4MyHome said...

What a fresh, cute look. I like it alot!

I'm the Mom said...

I love the new cut!! Isn't it amazing the life your hair gets back when you cut it shorter??