Thursday, April 3, 2008

How we did our Sale

I have had several of you ask about how my sisternlaw and I did out yard sale. As you can see in the sie bar we made quite alot of money doing it. It was fun also.

How we did it last time and how we are going to do our upcoming yard sale (Maybe in about a month) will be just a TAD bit different as we NOW KNOW how WELL things went!
We had NO IDEA how well it would turn out. Who knew that people would buy your stockpile items for a cheap price????? :D

Well there was two of for starters so most of you Im sure will have a bit easier time when it comes to sorting everything becuase it will be just you.

And since we had ALOT of the same thing, um yah we shop the same stores the same sales.....
So I had (since I was the one with the free time) gone and put a sticker with my intials on all my items so we could figure out what was being sold and who got the money.

As for pricing, we both didnt want to sit down and price hundreds of items... I DONT have THAT much free time. LOL
So we figured HEY lets make boxes up and label them 50Cents unless marked! We marked a few items that we knew we for SURE wanted more then .50 for. But it was about a box full itself, so not to bad.

And from there we went. We had one lady offer us money for the whole lot of it when she arrived and started piling things up for herself. But we were SO glad we didnt do that becuase we made MUCH more money than we would of if we would of just outright given it to her for a set price. :-D You say but you spent all day out there doing it you could of saved time. Ack thats no fun!!! :-D

So this time how do we plan to do different? We plan to mark our prices up. Yah sure for the dozens of tubes of tooth paste it will be 50 cents but alot of stuff they way people where buying it up is worth MORE! :-D

Our plan is to buy color stickers and stick each one with it. And according to the sticker is the price. And have a poster with all the prices. Not hard!!

I think we will plan to price things about 2/3's of their price. The way things went last time I am sure we will sell out before noon to. :-D

I am looking forward to our next sale. I have been going thru closets and other stuff getting rid of more things I never wear or use! Makes for a cleaner house for sure.

Have you had a great yard sale in the last few months? Tell us how you did it! We would love to hear your ideas. Share


Bethany said...

I'm having one this spring and I think Natasha has junk for it too! One thing I learned at the last one I had was people up here DON'T shop for clothes at them. . . I always shop for clothes when I go, but hardly anyone looked at the clothes I put out!!! (Which was nice stuff. . . ) What did sell was housewares, decor, dvd's, cd's, video games. . . so this year that's what I'm focusing on!

The Ice House said...

We do yard sales 2x's per year and there are several peoples items involved. To keep the money simple we took a trick from the consignment sales. We put a tag on EVERY ITEM. We find that we sell more when people don't have to ask the prices. We use index cards that we have cut in half or fourths. We put the price and the initals of the person the item belongs to. We will put a small bit of tape on some tags and tape it to the items as long as we can easily remove it. On other items, we will use a hole punch and put a hole on the corner of the tag and tie the tag onto the item. When a customer brings us all of their items, we pull off all of the tags and add them up. We keep the tags and at the end of the day, we seperate the tags be person. We then total the amount on the tags and know how much each person has made. We have people tell us every time how much they love our sales because things are nicely tagged, items are clean and organized so well. It really is worth your time in the long run. If your yard sale is organized and it's easy for customers to know the cost of the items they will stay longer and buy more. I usually average $300 - $600 per sale.

Sashwhy said...

Thanks so much for the tips! I'm about to have a yardsale (Lord willing) in a couple of weeks, so this post was very timely! I LOVE your idea about using the colored stickers and putting them up on a poster with all of the prices! What a time saver!

April@Crafty*Nesty*Thrifty said...

Nichole, thank you so much for taking the time to share with us on this subject. I have priced every CVS so far (300?)I do this before putting the items in the Yard Sale pile. I am looking really forward to making a little stash for my "Gardening Fund" all while supplying people with low cost items. I got to tell you, your ability to creat various streams of income for your family is an inspiration. Take care, April.