Wednesday, April 16, 2008

VS slippers for $1.00

Thought I would pass on this good deal that I found on to you!

Get 2 pairs of slippers from VS (many varieties) for $1.00 shipped!!!!
These slippers are being clearanced at 2/$6 so after coupons they are $1.00 for 2 pair!!!

Free shipping code TRYVS
$5 off your first purchase code SP810573 exp. 4/23

Go check it out and get some check cutie slippers! :-D

(To find them go to clearance/70% off sale and look under sleepwear go to very end of pages and
thats where they are.) Share


Michele said...

THANK YOU!!! I just ordered two pair!

I have a question for you. When you had your yard sale did you sell any medication (over the counter) from your stock pile? My parents are having a sale on Sat and I am taking my stockpile and was wondering about this. Any advice?
Thanks so much, I really enjoy your blog. You have saved me a ton of money!

Heart4MyHome said...

Thank you for the code! I did my Christmas shopping and Mother's day shopping and saved a bundle!

Plus I ordered 2 pair for me...had to splurge on myself a little. *grin*

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Yes I did sell over the counter meds. Nothing that you have to get with your drivers lics of COURSE!
Hope this helps!

Michele said...

Thanks Nichole! I have a ton of tylenol and excedrin. Of course we'll steer clear of the advil sinus! :)

Mrs. Walker said...

I found the little booties that were on sale, but they are 3/$6!!! So, I got three pairs fro $1.06!!! YAY!! I love sales and coupons!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Once again, thank you so much. Victoria's Secret is one of my fave stores so these specials are always nice.I especially love it when the mailman brings the coupon for the free panty.Not sure if this is allowed, but if you get one and don't want it, feel free to contact me.Thanks!

Lauren said...

Thanks so much! I just got my mom's mother's day gift! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! This made my night!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get an error message saying the codes can't be used together? Maybe they figured out the mistake?

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

The codes are no longer working together.
It was good only last night it looks like!

You can still use the free shipping code and the other one but not together anymore.
Good while it lasted!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...
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Michele said...

I posted this on my blog and a couple of other forums I belong to and a couple of gals told me they were having trouble and called VS customer service and they put the codes thru for them. It's worth a shot to anyone who didn't get in on them.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...


Mel said...

I just tried to use both codes and they said I couldn't use both...did I do something wrong?

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

No the deal was up this morning... if you did it last night it was working but today its not! You can still get 2 pair for about $6.00 with tax if you use the free shipping code. About $3.00 a pair... not to bad.