Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a few Dollars can Get you at the produce market!

Yesterday Rach and I went for the first time to our local Produce Market!

My mom has shopped across the street at the procduce termial for years
but seeing as Hubs and I can't eat boxes of fruit we checked out the place
across the street to see what kind of deals we could get!

(Some of the oranges are already gone ;-) )

I spent a grand total of $8.94!

The best deal was the oranges! What would of normaly cost $9.98 in
a grocery store (Heb or Super Target) Cost me a grand $2.00!!!!!!!
I figure if I had bought all that at the reg. grocery store at retail prices
for what it is all going for right now I would of spent about $23.92!
So I saved $14.98! woohoo!!! Will be going back again for SURE! Share


Anonymous said...

Where is the local produce market here in San antonio? iI've been looking online and haven't found the address.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Its on IH35 right before you go into town. Urgh I cant remember the exit #... hm.. When you get to that exit though it says "PRODUCE TERMINAL" so its easy to find! Its down by the SA stockyard you know were that it?
Hope that helps!