Monday, May 12, 2008

SuperMom 180 Tablets

No I am not a mom yet. But I do need Vitamins!
And I HATE takin nasty huge pills that come by the handfull! :-)
By golly can't they invent something that tastes good, has no horrid
after taste, dosnt come in the size of a horse pill, and can make it into
ONE PILL...... and dosnt cost an arm and a leg?

My sisinlaw bought some of these and let me try swallowing one
and it wasnt bad at all! LOL Compared to the nasty ones I was trying to
take awhile back and went to gummy vitamins that have no really good but
my own peace of mind that I WAS getting something. But I could take them.
(Yes they WERE adult kind and YES you can laugh at me...)

So I'm gonna order me some supergirl multi-vitamins LOL! Maybe some for
hubby to! :-D

I did the math and it comes out to $3.00 a week for vitamins! Thats about .42
cents a DAY to stay healthy and have ENERGY!!! You CAN"T beat that!

AND for domestic orders over $120 ships FREE!
Why don't you check them out to! Share


Suzanne said...

I take these and I love them. I could tell a difference in my energy level right away with them. I have a little one who refuses to sleep or nap, and I still have energy with these. They are totally worth the money.

Anonymous said...
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