Friday, May 30, 2008

Where do I find my deals?

I get this alllll the time while I'm shopping. Or people who know me. Or from the
reader who just started trying to save money on grocery shopping.

So I figured I would just write up a little list of what I do!

#1 To start out usually Fri.-Sat. before the sale week starts I hit the Slickdeals Ad Forum.
They have every drug store on there with ads that go out weeks and sometime months!
I only have CVS and Walgreen’s drug stores in my area but if you have Rite Aid and many
many others in your area they have those to!
I find the week’s ad I am looking for and then just skim over it. And if there are any printable
coupons I print them as sometimes if you wait to long they limit they allow of how many coupons
they put out gets reached.

#2 I hit Hot Coupon World because sometimes they have others deals that aren’t mentioned
at slickdeals.

#3 I head on over to Money Saving Mom because she has great input from people all over
on what’s working and what’s not! Specially when it comes to the hidden deals!

#4 I take a quick peek at these sites because you never know what you might come across
Attention Target Shoppers, iMommies , The Coupon Mom Blog, and Becentsable.

#5 I go to these coupon sites and if I see anything I need or anything that I thought I saw in
an ad that will be a good deal I print off coupons
Betty Crocker
Cool Savings
Coupon Bar
Coupon, Inc.
Coupon Loop
Red Plum
Smart Source
Target Coupons
Taylortown Coupons

#6 The day I am going to go shopping I make sure I check each site JUST in case something new came out that I didn’t see! And I head out with all my deals and info in hand and walla to my great deals! :-)

I don’t spend a TON of time doing this!
Just like I would check my email or read a friends blog I go check the site see if anything I want is there and that’s it! People think I spend a ton of time doing this but it’s really easy! At first it is a bit more of a time hog because you are trying to figure it all out. But once you get into the swing of it, it’s pretty fast and easy. Share


Siddeley said...

You sound like me Nichole - I am always searching for the best deal! I post on - we have deals, discounts, coupons, freebies and a really nice group of people to network with. We would love to have you check us out and make us a part of your savings search. :-)

Kelly said...

I still think you're amazing -- so DEAL with that!!!