Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yah for long nails!

SuperMom 180 Tablets

Well, its been 2 weeks of taking my super vitamins. And at first I thought WHY oh WHY am I not getting energy from these things????But I think I was going thru the detox phase I have read about. I am really impressed with these pretty cool little vitamins. I don't mind the taste. And am getting over that they are a bit big.... But they go down just fine. LOL!

My NAILS are way stronger!!! Which I am like SUPER excited!!!!
I NEVER had nails that were strong and my poor nails always broke hence never long nails... sigh. But this seems to be really helping them! And I have energy andI feel much better that I am getting my "vitamin" since I am a bad girl and hardly eat anything worth mentioning in the veggie way..... (salads dont count they say...) So anyways, I would say they were worth my money for SURE! And my hubbys takin his vitamins and he dosnt mind them either. :-)
So you should try them out!

A few things they have on sale!

Kids Berry Well Supplement on sale for $14.40 instead of $16.00
or if you buy 6 at once they are $12.50 each!
Berry Well

SuperKids - Multiberry on sale for $14.40 instead of $18.00!!!

SuperKids - Multiberry

And also they have the Family Pack, which comes with 1x SuperMom, 1x SuperDad, 1x SuperKid, 1x Tummy Tuneup, and 1x Miracle Skin Salve, For $110.00!!! It normal is $122.00
Family Pack

So go look around and get your vitamins while this sale lasts! Also for domestic orders over $120 ships FREE! Yah!!!
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