Thursday, June 12, 2008

Awesome Deals!!!!!

What a day of shopping!
I went into town today to get my weekly shopping done and I think besides a few
things I won't have to shop for anything next week as I was able to get SO MUCH!

Spent a grand total of -$0.30! Plus I will get $4.99 in Walgreens
Rebates. I had returned an item that I had bought two week before
as I thought it was part of a FAR deal but it was the wrong one.
The let me exchange it for the other and I got back a few $$ that
paid for the rest of the items I was getting at Walgreen.

Theragran $4.99 (FAR)
Tinfoil $0.89 - $0.75 coupon = $0.14
Bandaid $0.99 -$1.00 coupon = -$0.01
Poweraid (not in pic) $1.19 - $0.75 coupon =$0.44
2pk Calc $2.00

Super Walmart ~
Found several packages of markdown meat!
Total $15.49

3 Relish $1.00 ea -$1.00 coupons = Free (not in pics)
1 Sausage $2.28
Bread $0.90 (reduced)
Bread $1.35 (reduced)
3 packs of meat totaling $10.76
Dental floss $0.97 - $1.00 coupon = free
Body Wash $0.79 -$1.00 coupon = free
Lotion $0.97 - $1.00 coupon = free
3 Kotex pads $1.00 ea -$1.00 coupons = free

Super Target ~
Spent a total of $15.03 (Saved $22.00 in coupons)

Produce Market ~

Spent a total of $1.50 and lost on $3.92 in ECB's!

Spent a total of $19.17 and Saved $13.53 in coupons
AND $3.99 in FREE milk becuase there was an expired
one! :-D

Just a few of the free or almost free items I got there:
Farmland Ham $1.99 -$2.00 = FREE
2 Farmland Sausage $1.18ez -$1.00 coupons = 0.18 ea
Farmland Bacon $2.50 -$2.00 coupon = .50

And BEST of ALL!!!
Heb sidewalk sale!
When I first got to heb I had seen a whole bunch of
carts lined up on the side of the store. Well they had things
in it marked WAY DOWN!!!!!!!! Everything below I bought for
a wopping $0.10 ea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spent a total of $2.80 for all of it! yippeeeeeeee!

Total spend on grocerys today.
$58.73 - $4.99 FAR item = $53.74
I'm glad that I bought so much so I wont have to
do much next week! Just my Cvs Deals! :-D Share