Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Expired Coupons Update!

What a response!
I had no idea that I would get so many people emailing me to send coupons on to Military Families!

Today I got the FIRST package of expired coupons! THANK YOU! And WOW what a TON of coupons it was at that!

So I figured I would post a deadline for you to get your coupons into me to I can get them out
before they are to expired! :-D

If I can get ALL the coupons in by the end of the 2nd week of the month I can go thru sort them
how they are suppose to be and get them out by the 3rd.
So this month if they can be to me by June 14th! (So mail them a few days before that.) That would be AWESOME!
I will let you know how many total coupons we get and what the total $$$ amount it is!
(I have to sort them that way anyways to send them so its not a biggy! :-) )

Email me at nicholejordanblog AT yahoo DOT com if you still want to get on board! Share

1 comment:

Mrs. Walker said...

Hey, girl.

Send me your addy. I went through some of my coupons this weekend and have a STACK to send to you. I have more to go through still, so I'll try to get them to you before your due date!! :)

I've been way behind on this, as couponing/shopping/etc has taken a back seat to cleaning/clearing/straightening my house! Still working on it all...slowly, but surely I hope to have something to show for it!

Talk to you soon!