Monday, June 30, 2008

Silver Stars ~ Family Faith Night ~ FUN!


Sat night hubby and I went to a Silver Stars game, someone in our church had gotten group
tickets together for us. (THANK YOU!!!)

It was AWESOME FUN! We all had pretty good seats which was great cause we got to
see up close and in action Erin Buescher, who along with team trainer Tonya Holley, have been
coming to our church for several months now. It was cool! We cheered Erin and the rest of the team on! And they won!!! Yipppeee for them! :-D

Hubby and I :-D

Erin #7 in action!

A Winning Point! Go Girls Go!!!

THEY WON!!!!!!! (I stole this pic and the one above from
Kelly! :-D She caught them better!!! hehehe THANKS GIRL!)
Our group got on camera I don't know HOW many times! LOL

Was tons of fun and we need to do this AGAIN!!!! Share


Bethany said...

Cute hair! I knew that had to be what ya did. . . :)

Kelly said...

You can steal my pictures ANY day -- even the one of the bored security guard. I'm thinking we need to do it again, too! Next time, we'll have to come up some little group cheers, too! LOL!! FUN, FUN, FUN