Saturday, June 7, 2008

What a Week!

I'm tired and wore out! Its been a busy week with everyday something going on. I feel like I just need to sit and do nothing for a solid 12 hours! :-D

Tuesday was the start of a 6 week long, one day a week, womens bible study at our church. I had been recruited to do the 1 and under nursery. I ussualy have one sunday a month I do nursery that age so I'm use to it. But boy oh boy did we have our hands full! We had 9 kids under the age of 2 and 7 of them screamed non stop not wanting to be there or would end up screaming becuase someone else was screaming... the domino affect! :-D So I was WIPED out
by the end of it. I had intended to go shopping on my way home but was so tired I just stopped
for some meat and I was falling alseep in line waiting to be checked out. LOL yah it was a sight I'm sure!

Wed is my regular shopping day and since I didnt end up doing it on my way home tuesday I went with Rach. We had lunch with my other sisinlaw and headed to the stores. It takes us a few hours to hit everything as we do ALL we need to so we dont have to go back into town. With gas prices these days it seems like you BETTER get it done or wow its gonna cost ya!

Thursday I headed BACK into town to decorate the hall for a wedding this weekend. We had thought it might only take a few hours to get it all done as it wasnt a big place nor alot to decorate. But it ended up taking all day. It was pretty when we got done and the place had been tranformed to a nice looking hall. But it was alot of work. I ended up staying in town instead of going home or back to my hubbys work as that evening was a ladies get together for Naomi who's back in town and was telling us about life in Spain as a missionaries wife. It was pretty cool. She has such a spirit to live the life for Christ over there its awesome to see lived out. So I spent the 2 hours I had before the get together at the library a block or so from it and read a book and stayed in a VERY cool buliding! (BTW its stinkin hot here in south texas right now!)

Friday I was able to catch up on house cleaning that I had not done all week! And we went to our bible study that evening

And today we went to the wedding of Zach and Lori. What a beautiful wedding and so awesome to see how God has brought them together! Seems like almost all of the young people in our church are almost all married now! So cool to see it happen!

So I am tucker out and tired! :-D
Hoping monday to just chill out and not do to much!

Hope everyone had a wonderfull weekend and will have a restfull sunday! Share

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