Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a weekend!

I am SO sore and exhausted.

Like I said, we had been clearing my husband's Grandma's house the last few days
and we had a yard sale for her!

My mothernlaw and I set it all up Friday morning bright and early. And we have more
traffic than I have seen at our yard sales before! Both my sisnlaw and I live in the country
so ours did not have as much traffic even though we sold lots!

It was late into the day before we even had a 5 min lul!!! We almost cleared $500 that day!
I was shocked! And tired. :-D Half way into the day my hubby called to tell me that someone
had given us 2 pallets of grass and he was on his way out to help the guy unload it onto our
land. Wooppppieee!!! It's been slow going trying to get our yard to grow so this was cool!

So we closed around 5 and put all the stuff from the yard sale away and went home sooo worn out.
I helped hubs water the grass as he laid it out in the yard. It looks really cool! Hoping it sticks and doesn't die! We are watering like crazy!!!!

Hubby and I crashed Friday night sooo tired and sore from all the work.

I was up bright and early and headed back into town this morning to Nina's house for the second
day of the yard sale. I stopped and got me a cuppa java to wake me up some more!!!!

Fun in Grandma's pink shoes!

We got all the stuff out and set up and people were slow going in coming but we had good traffic all day. I ended up going down the road to check out an estate sale and 2 other garage sales in the area and the estate sale ended up being a REALLY junky one and then the two garage sales had 2 other people doing them next doors also... guess they decided to go with the free advertisement or something! LOL But I found a lamp that was brand new and OH SO PRETTY! And a spice rack which I had been looking for but didn't want to pay $20+ for new, got it for $3!!! And then a basket that was brand new and was GREAT lookin and cute little shirt for my niece.

Well, us ga'lls got so much done and by then end of it all we were so tired and sore from all the work. We ALMOST cleared $900 for the 2 days!!!!!!!! Can you BELIEVE THAT!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that.

I'm about ready to crash....
Sittin here chillin enjoying not doing much!


Hope you had a great weekend! Share


Denise said...

I have to say, sounds like you had a pretty productive weekend! And it sounds like you actually enjoy garage sales... wow, that alone is impressive... I cringe and just give things to charity! See you at church!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Well makin the money at the garage sale is the fun part... And knowing that I helped my momnlaw get some stuff done with her moms house. :-)