Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Freebies from???

Well knock me off my rocker! Monday I got a box from the UPS. (Since when do you get free samples by the UPS???) I hadn't ordered anything in quite a while so I knew it wasn't something
that I had bought... So I opened it...


I have NEVER seen so many free sample/ BIG freebies before in one box from one place!

I am NOT sure where it came from... Because I don't remember signing up for something so big!

It was COOL! It made me smile. :-)

A pic of the loot!

It came with:
2 tote Bags...
1 Full sized Salad dressing
1 full sized Dove Body wash
1 full sized make up foundation
1 free coupon for Contessa Foods
1 Free Lotion
lots of small samples
Flat Chips
Chocolate mint Crisps
Several sample makeup items
And much much more!

Anyone else get something like this recently???

Pretty cool eh! :-D Share


Anonymous said...

I got the same thing a couple weeks ago and had no idea where it came from until I read the pink tag on the side of the orange bag that said Oprah mag. Pretty awesome freebie!!!

Nicole N.

Mrs. Walker said...


Melissa said...

Did you do the "black tote and beauty products" promo from Glamour magazine? I wonder if that is it? I did that promo (in May) and still haven't received anything!

Bethany said...

I spy free makeup too!!! What a good one!

Nancy M. said...

Congratulations! I love free stuff!