Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last post from CA Trip!

OK here are the rest of the pics from out trip!

The sunset as we got closer to San Jose CA. on Friday night!!!

We spent the whole day in San Francisco on Monday.

While in SF someone had told us to find this cool
little museum that is free to get into! It was FILLED
with old carnival things. They had the old player pianos!

We bought passed to the city transit so we rode
the trolleys and buses all over and had a blast!
We rode one of the trolleys up and down up and down!

It smelt like FRESH FRUIT! NUM!

Someone putting on a show... he wasn't that good! lol

A man scaring people down at the Warf! lol


There was 2 lonely sea lions! Guess in the summer
they go somewhere else to mate so there was none
their.. oh well!!

My 25th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole day was a blast! We ate sea food for lunch, walked for
miles, rode trolleys, went on a bus ride to who knows where till we found
a little pizza place that was awesome good, and rode the BART to and from
SF! It was COOL! Share

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cpullum said...

I got a laugh about the man scaring people down the warf!! Ha!!!Cute pictures!