Friday, August 1, 2008

AWESOME Deals this week!!!

I did SO great at Walgreens this evening!

I MADE $13.36 profit on what I bought AND I spent anything OOP on my Gift card so no
money OOP!

I did three transactions to make GREAT use of the $5/$20 coupon that was good only today!

Here's what it looked like all 3 combined!

Total = $88.14
Walgreens Coupons and Sales = -$11.19
Walgreens Coupons = -$15.00
Total put on Walgreens Gift Card =$42.36
Total getting back $55.72
GAINED $13.36!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not BAD! Which means I will have a total of $97.19 in gift cards!
I'm starting to do REALLY well at Walgreens!!! :-D

I did 2 transactions and did ok!
Total Retail was $44.38
Spend total oop $0.53
Used ECBS $26.48
Got Back ECBS $29.98
Made $3.50 in ECBS! :-)



Anonymous said...

I have a question...

I did the three transactions at walgreens yestertday.

When I got home to enter the recipts the one with the hersheys bliss on it ...
I entered the recipt first on the August thingie..

Then I went to enter the same recipt on the July thingie and it would not enter...It gave me an error ...something about the date.

Do you have a clue why?

Thanks for your help , the transactions went basically without a hitch.



Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

It might be that the July Easysaver is not not valid online?
You can only request your $$ now? Im not sure otherwise why that might be. Or they wont accept the same recipt for 2 months? I've never done that before.

Audra Krell said...

You did so well, I love when you ladies share your awesome savings trips! Congratulations!