Thursday, August 7, 2008

Awesome deals this week!!!

I decided to try a different way of shopping for a few weeks and see
how well it goes. I went thru my pantry and my freezer which is WELL
stocked now... And made up a menu for 2 weeks! And with lots left over after
that! :-D
So I am planning on trying to shop for my menu ever other week and then
do my little shopping that I need and the drug stores the other week! Unless
there is something REALLY good priced on sale or with coupons. lol
So I did pretty good for the first set of 2 weeks. :-)

Spent a total OOP $60.58 for 2 weeks of grocery's.
So that was $30.28 a week
and $4.32 a day!

I saved a total of $148.59!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Retail $23.25
-$5.49 in coupons
Spent OOP = $17.76

Super Walmart

Retail $84.76
-$48.32 in coupons
Total OOP = $36.44

Produce Market



Retail $70.02
Total OOP = $2.73 (Used gift card that I still have from wayyy back!)
Gained ECBS $7.00


Retail $29.67
After Sales $22.37
-$10.19 in coupons
Total =$12.18 Used Gift Card
Got back $10.00 in RR
Lost $2.18 from Gift card!

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Heart 4 My Home said...

Would mind so much if I asked you to share your menu with us? I try to do a week ahead on meal planning but I sometimes get in a rut. So I was just curious to see what you had on tap for yours. Thanks so much.