Friday, August 29, 2008

Just a "little" wierd....

Ok, I admit that most people who hear about my shopping ways kinda laugh and either say "WOW" or "Your Crazy".... Which is fine by me! I am not in it for what other say!

But it gets to a all time weird when you start DREAMING about the sales and deals! Laugh now, but you will some day get to a point when something to good comes along and you just plan ol' dream about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like when we heard that their was free ink to be had! I dreamed we slept in, that we somehow didn't make it, and on and on.... but we got it! :-D

So last night, I dreamed of Walgreen's, Which has been a first! lol Now I have dreamed of CVS before... sigh... but never Walgreen's!!!!!!!!! Laugh laugh laugh go ahead! But I was doing the deals in my head and had it all planned and got some PRETTY AWESOME DEALS! But then I woke up! Now to just go put those plans in action today! :-)

So you can go ahead and laugh but I think its pretty cool! Share


Ginny said...

I haven't dreamed about shopping deals yet, but I find that whatever I am hooked on at the moment I will dream about it.

When I was doing a ton of scrapbooking, I'd dream about that. I've dreamed about blogging & I've even dreamed about Big brother when I was really into it, lol.

It seems a lot of times it will happen if that is what I am doing/thinking about right before bed.

Funny :)

Amber said...

I dream about sales and deals, too. I actually came up with a new scenario last night for the Walgreens coupon and sales in my sleep. :) You are not alone!