Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cooking ahead!

This morning I had some ground beef I needed to cook up and use before I forgot about it. lol
So I split in half and cooked the first part with all the seasonings for spaghetti and then the other part I just added normal seasoning so I could use it for anything. I got 4 meals out of it! Pretty cool, now all I have to do it pull it out and add to whatever I am making. I have thought in the past about doing it that way but I never would want to season past the normal salt, pepper, garlic, and onions because I am always fidgeting with our menu! LOL But this worked out pretty good. I might consider it doing it more often. Definitely doesn't take much time to do it all at once and it gets it done and out of the way for that meal!


Kate said...

When I buy ground meat, I buy enough for six meals. I put it all in a big pot and mostly cover it with water. I bring it to a boil and cook it for 15 minutes or so. The water (now broth) gets drained off, the fat taken off the top and then frozen to use for meals. I then take the cooked meat and portion it out into meals and freeze for later use.

Brooke said...

I always cook up ground beef ahead of time and just save the seasonings for day of. that way my cooking time is cut down significantly.

i've started doing double batches of alfredo as well and that's been helpful - all you have to do is boil the noodles and add the (once frozen but now dethawed) sauce on top and let it heat for a little bit.